Service of trailers and semi-trailers


We provide service of all brands of trailers and semi-trailers, especially the brands KRONE, SCHMITZ, PANAV, …….

We can ensure the picking up of a trailer, and the delivery to our service point and giving it back to you or a to place you would like to have it delivered. For that purpose we have two tractor trailers Mercedes Actros.

Currently our opperational range for this service is approximately 100 km around these locations Praha East, Brandýs nad Labem, Lysá nad Labem, Mladá Boleslav, Bezděčín, Česká Lípa and Turnov.
Our customers are not only big transport companies with large trailer fleets, but are also small to medium-sized carriers.


Our trailer and semi-trailer service provides the following services

  • Checking the brake system
  • Adjusting of braking effect
  • Configuration of control units Wabco, Haldex, Knorr-Bremse
  • Complete repairs and checks ABS a EBS systems
  • Complete body repairs and maintenance
  • Welding of all materials
  • Repairs and replacements axles of all trailer and semi-trailer brands
  • Preparation for MOT test and also covering MOT
  • Repairs after accidents and providing documents for insurance companies
  • Repairs and replacement of air and electrical installations
  • Complete washing
  • Paint repairs

Repair of damaged trailers and semi-trailers of all brands where we provide our customers

  • Expert consultation
  • Fast damage calculation
  • Replacing all body parts
  • Replacing all lighting + adjustment
  • Welding of all materials
  • Axle geometry
  • Completion of all parts

We always use workflows which is required by manufacturer of particular brand of trailers and semi-trailers.

Our mechanics are continuously trained for repairs brands such as: SAF, BPW, Bosch, Wabco, Haldex, Knorr-Bremse atd., where they get certificates which authorizes us to make those repairs.