Special vehicle service, special techniques






Tail lift service

Our service also deals with service and maintenance tail lift of brand:
  • B.A.R.
  • HIAB
  • etc.

WTS service performs repairs of hydraulic tail lifts. We respond quickly to defects on hydraulic tail lifts. Our goal is to give to the customer professional consultation, whether it is routine maintenance or repairs - hydraulic distributors, hydraulic cylinders or even overhauls. We follow the manufacturer's instructions and type of tail lift both for technical data and service manuals.

Service and repairs of hydraulic systems

To increase usability and versatility to many cargo utility and trailers equipped with additional body work, that uses the function of hydraulic systems.

Those hydraulic systems are powered either directly from the vehicle engine or by its own aggregate. For proper operation pure oil is needed, well sealed piping in the components of hydraulic system, correctly tuned control and reduction elements, lubricated moving parts, minimum clearance on pins, slides and telescopes.

Hydraulic systems need regular maintenance (servis), so even in case of damage repair. Our Service provides full coverage of essential maintenance and repairs.


Provided services for hydraulic system repair:

  • Changing oils and filters
  • General repairs and re-sealing piston rods
  • Re-sealing and exchange distributors
  • Production of hydraulic pipes
  • Repairs of connecting heads
  • Replace hoses of all categories
  • We also make any adjustments upon request
  • Hydromotors and transducers

Particularly, hydraulic systems includes:
  • Hydro-movement
  • Hydraulic tail lift
  • Hydraulic arm
  • Tractors, excavators, loaders

The WTS drive service also cooperate with an inspection engineer and part of an order can be review control.