Our other activities include TRANSPORT.

We provide this activity mainly for our exisiting customers, where transport is one of the parts of the entire logistics chain that our company provides for its clients.

Nowadays, our vehicles provide domestic transport throughout the Czech Republic and international transport, where the main directions are Western Europe, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary.


The categories of vehicles we provide for you:

  • Vans
  • Solo tarpaulin vehicles with hydraulic tail lift with a weight of 1.7 tons and a total weight of 12 tons
  • MEGA semi-trailers with "AUTOMOIVE" modification, where also the valid "XL" certificates and beverage certificates (certificates for transport of drinks in a tarpaulin trailer) are included in the basic equipment
In addition, our activities include the provision of air transport parts and also the transport of containers, that is virtually world wide.

Other transport activities of WTS drive include "covered" passenger car transports, which we carry out in special box vehicles manufactured and designed for this type of transport.